Areas of study

The undergraduate program in Chemistry offering 3 different streams, focusing on different areas in chemistry. Each discipline shares many of the same required core classes, however becoming more specific in the last few semesters of the program. The core classes cover the basis of all the major areas of chemistry: organic, physical, inorganic, and analytical.

General Chemistry

The General Chemistry program offers a strong basis of all the fundamental concepts in chemistry, while also allowing students enrolled to tailor the program to their taste. This program is ideal for students who want have the flexibility in choosing their 400 and 500 level chemistry classes, without the restriction that other specializations may have on course selection. Students are able to choose from a list U3/Graduate level classes that they find interesting. This program prepares students for a wide range of research areas, as well as careers in varying industries. Refer to the Major or Honours program for more information.

Bio-Organic Chemistry

The Bio-Organic Chemistry program has a strong focus on the chemistry of biological systems. This program offers a strong understanding of core chemistry concepts with an application to the study of different biological mechanisms. Bio-Organic Chemistry provides a strong basis for students interested in DNA and RNA research and applications to industry. Complimentary courses are offered by the departments of biology, microbiology and immunology. Refer to the Major or Honours program for more information.

Biophysical Chemistry

The Biophysical Chemistry program is the most interdisciplinary of all the specializations offered. This stream covers a smaller selection of core chemistry classes, compared to the other streams, however has a significant math component as well as a strong focus on biology and biophysics. This focus is seen in higher level complimentary courses in chemistry as well courses offered by the department of biology. Refer to the Major or Honours program for more information.