Chemistry bills itself as the central science; central because on one side it is the basis of biochemistry and medical research, while on the other side it merges with the fields of solid state and theoretical physics. It is at the heart of the production of most of the consumer goods and infrastructures around us. Chemistry is also at the fore front of the research seeking to solve some of the most daunting challenges faced by humanity, including global warming, scarcity of fossil resources, energy efficiency, food production and health sciences.

Undergraduate teaching is a core mission of the Department of Chemistry at McGill. The department offers a unique learning environment to its students, with world-class professors, AV equipped facilities and fully renovated, innovative teaching labs. The department offers many undergraduate programs featuring chemistry, a large list of courses and many opportunities to perform research. The undergraduate program is an excellent degree to obtain in pursuing research and the varying specializations also allows students to explore many different industries after successful completion of the degree. Make sure to check out all of the different programs McGill Chemistry has to offer!